The Pose

This back-facing-me butcher had to turn around at some point, right? That was my thought when I held my posture with camera pointed at him. For a long stretch, he didn’t. I had to settle with this side-turn, clicked my shutter and moved on. The surprise was, this photo grew on me. The butcher’s pose conveys his state of movement and busyness more clearly. What do you think?


What’s Your Superpower?

I read this somewhere: Never underestimate the power of a woman with a sewing machine.

To Die For

The highlight of my Hong Kong trip this round is the bewildering Reclamation Street Day Market. The market stretches several streets and there’re countless shops and stalls offering everything Hong Kongers need for cooking or basic provisions. Mingling among the throngs of people buying, selling and haggling over prices was an experience to die for. I live for environmental portraits and my time there was eventfully spent photographing the many who made up this amazing eco-system.

Brolly Woe

The whole day of raining disrupted much of our second day’s itinerary in Hong Kong. I’m trying hard to get over this brolly woe. Today, I’m hoping Mr Sun, Sun, Mr Golden Sun, please shine down on me.

One After Another

Waiting in phone booth

Can’t believe I’m back in Hong Kong again. The number of times I’ve been here is reflected by these two phone booths, both trips’ timing in close proximity too. The key subject in this photo, however, is the woman. To me, what’s travelling without Street Photography and what’s Street Photography without people?

Well Preserved

Dried goods are a big part of Chinese food and tradition. Here within The Bencoolen Mall, Singapore, is one of the many shops in this area that sells a wide range. I got a sense from the crowd that business was good and was glad that this tradition, like the dried goods, is well preserved.

Do Not Disturb

When I’m not driving, I love to fall asleep during a ride. It’s a very natural thing since I was little. I figure it has much to do with the state of my mind – when I’m up and about, my mind is occupied with doing things; but when I’m strapped in, immobile and devoid of an active role, everything sounds like a lullaby. It’s the best thing to do when I’ve nothing to do. Wake me when we get there.