The Price Is Right

Tiong Bahru Market portrait of a vendor who knows exactly how much each of his item costs.



Wonderful floral in Tiong Bahru Market. Those in the pots are nice too.

Too Early To Start

I didn’t know what was the arrangement between this retail mart and little boy, but there he was, selling quail eggs by the entrance. It tucked my heart string seeing how, at such a young age, one needed to do his bit to supplement family income. In the city of Makassar, he isn’t alone.

Young Ride

How young can you ride a motorcycle on your own in the outskirts of Makassar? Maybe not as young as this boy but I must tell you, based on what I witnessed, not very far off.

Among The Crowd

It was a challenge to isolate a subject in Pasar Terong because of the crowd. When the opportunity knocked briefly on this section of the market, I wasted it not to show the expanse of the place and the character of an Ibu, like many, who walked here daily to buy what’re needed for her household.

Are We Done Yet?

While roaming Makassar, I came across many local fashion boutiques. In them housed wide arrays of clothes and accessories for the pick. Finding the right design, colour or fit was definitely time-consuming, at least for the parents of this “model”. She struck up a pose while wearing that “are we done yet?” look. I imagined I was the fashion photographer that day.

Hugs & Snug

What do I miss about Cikoro? The warm-smiling friendly community and the traditional native-built wooden houses on stilts.