Pose Aligned

Land surveyors posing in sync. Apparently, alignment is important in this field of work. lesneo.com


Sign Of Integrity

I was impressed with the number of equipment in this little confectionery till I spotted the signage. It reads: Integrity wins the world. More impressed. lesneo.com

The Final Frontier

When I was little and the world around me was a non-digital one, I had to depend much on my imagination to battle boredom. That was why I enjoyed going to a hair saloon with my mom, for this – the astronaut helmet. It was then a space odyssey adventure for me. lesneo.com

I Take My Hat Off

The liveliness of Hoi An is the result of the people who work hard to make the place so. The iconic hat of the land, the Non La, is a strong symbol of the Vietnamese spirit which seems to say, “Let’s put on our hats, brave the sun or rain and go make life better.” I take my hat off to the people here. lesneo.com