The Wait Is Over

Guess who I’m waiting for? Friday.


Shop Operas

A typical heartland shop in Singapore such as this one in Ghim Moh serves mainly the neighbourhood. This one sells incense, joss paper and the such for Chinese religious and festive purposes. Heartland shops come in different characters and sizes. I love to photograph them as stories of this era.

The Unsung

He’s one of my unsung heroes who’s doing what’s needful and what most of us won’t want to do. I hope for an opportunity to travel with them a day and do a story on the life of garbage collectors in our midst. They’re highly under-appreciated and mostly invisible to us.

Comfort In A Tin Box

There was a time these tins and biscuit contents brought much comfort to me. Come to think of it, they still do. That was why I needed to photograph this. My photowalk on this Deepavali public holiday covered the grounds of Holland Village, Holland Drive Market and Ghim Moh Market. Check out my latest street memories here.