Happy Vs Comfortable 

There’s an air about this guy. He looked like he’s been around for some time. I can identify with that from where I come from. We establish a comfort zone after we settled in a place. But the question is: are we happy or are we really comfortable? Are the two the same?


Why Do I Create?

I’m constantly asking myself, “why do I create?” I can’t answer the question easily but an interview by verily.com with Washington D.C. portrait artist Nicole Bourgea reasonates with me. She said, “I do think that some people are really compelled by something bigger to make art, and that they won’t be truly happy unless they answer that calling with creative work. I definitely consider myself one of those people, and I love stepping into my studio every day with the assurance that I am at least showing up to answer that call.”

Silent Ride Wholly Ride

Electric scooters are rampant on the streets of Hangzhou. Throughout my 10-day stint there, I came across only one petroleum-based motorcycle. The noise induced by typical motorcycle exhausts was pleasantly missing. In the university campus where I visited, riding an electric scooter doesn’t require a license nor wearing a helmet. My greatest regret was not having an opportunity to ride one when I was there.

Bring It On!

The often harsh demeanour of the streets makes a stage right exit whenever one of these extra cute faces makes an appearance. Dressed for the occasion, even if was just a casual walk down Shao Xing Road, Shanghai, this little guy exuded the attitude of “Bring it on!”