Month: February 2012

Linsanity… the new David vs Goliath story

I am an avid NBA fan. It’s a goliath world there… a land of literal giants. But unlike the goliath of old, these giants are agile and athletic; they can ride the air; they fly, albeit for that few seconds, they soar. I heard a commentator once exclaimed in a Michael Jordan’s game: “I don’t believe it! I saw a man fly!” It’s true. It’s a thing of beauty if you appreciate the sport. That’s why fame and glamour surround the giants at NBA for the magnificient attributes and talents they possess. People pay big money to watch them perform their air-walking routine. I am a part of that.

This past week, a phenomenon visited the NBA. An unknown figure, and most interestingly, of Asian descent, came into the scene dominated by African- and European-Americans. Standing at 1.91m at 23 years of age, he is definitely a non-giant in a league overshadowed by goliaths. It seemed that divinely, all the scenes were set for him. He was the perfect underdog, tossed around by 2 other teams and ended up in a struggling New York Knicks team. He wasn’t even remotely considered to ever play on the team, merely a number to the official list. Then, “disaster” struck, as the Knicks were plagued with injury, the coach had to field a reserve Point Guard. The stage was set for Jeremy Lin. From there, history was and is still being written. That was 5 games ago, and with his help as Point Guard, Knicks had won all 5 since.

“Linsanity” sensation swept New York and the world. The home crowd is revived with a winning hope that went missing for more than a decade. News, tabloids, TVs and the internet went abuzz with this Linsanity wave. The rookie’s game statistics for his first 5 games were impressive, even record-breaking. However, the main talk wasn’t in how good he is, but how he was able to make the team better with his play. Team mates suddenly became more potent with his distributing and sharing the ball. I am a Knicks fan but gave up watching them about 10 games ago because it was painful, they kept losing. But after hearing about Linsanity and watching the new kid on the block played the last 5 games, I went teary and exclaimed, “This is beautiful basketball, man…”

In an arena ascribed to talents, attitudes and wealth, the newcomer presented himself humbly, staying with his brother and sleeping on his couch, and always deflecting praises to his fellow teammates and coach. He acknowledged the reality of God in where and what he is doing right now. I just love this guy. I know the entire New York city feels the same. More so, cause I’m also Asian, and I too believe in the role I play in God’s plan .

This blog is a tribute to Jeremy Lin. From the depths of my heart, I wish his part in Knicks’ winning streak will continue, even if they lose games; because as far as I am concerned, Knicks wins big this season with the discovery of this gem. Lincredible! 🙂


Veruca Salt

Saw this little girl wearing a tee with these words the other day. Couldn’t help but laughed and sighed at the same time… The Veruca Salt (reference to Charlie & The Chocolate Factory) generation? I really hope not. My daughter asked me if she was like that when she was little. I said, “No… because mommy and I believe in:

I slap, you cry, I don’t care if you get it.” 😀

To Teach & To Learn

SP students inspire me :)
It’s great to be lecturing in Singapore Poly Design School. I hope it’s not an irony to say that the students inspire me. They really do… numerous I came across love to illustrate. The different styles and medias they bring to the board are fascinating. They make my creative hormones bubble… it was no wonder when I was hit with my first Certificate in Training (CT) assignment, I  decided it was going to be colourful. The “SP Student Digital Story” was the title, and the above was my cover. Mixed Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop handling. Hope there’s plenty more where this comes from… 😀

Building Blog

I’m finally here! My own blog space… it’s just like shifting house; and mind you, I had 13 of that experience in my life! But the beauty of that is the wonderful feeling of settling down, and starting to build upon your nest. This is a little of how I am feeling right now… I really hope to leave some decent memories in this space, and share a part of me to whomever visits. 🙂