Month: May 2012

Ups & Downs


I took the above two photos at different times. Entitled “Red Ascension” and “Green Descend” respectively. This short entry today is a simple reminder that life has its ups and downs… adjust, adapt, advance… Bless. 🙂


Shell We?

I assembled the above seashells in a photo shoot to re-visit a technique I’ve lost touch with for a long time – light painting with a torchlight. You see, I’ve to teach that as one of the topics in year 1 photography in SP. I was pleased with the outcome.

During post-processing, I observed that some of these shells bore very obvious blemishes on them such as scratches and cracks. I would normally use Photoshop to retouch them. But I hesitated in this instance because a thought came to my mind.

The assembly of these shells reminded me of the community that we belong to. These communities are the different environment and people we associate with – our workplace, our school, our peer group or even our family to name some. There is a sensitive part to this in that whatever community we are in, there will always be certain people we prefer to be with over others; and there will be people whom we wish to disassociate. The latter group is what the scratches and cracks on those shells symbolise. We see their blemishes. However, the awful truth is, we may wear these blemishes ourselves, if either we dare to admit it or if we get to see ourselves through the eyes of someone else. In other words, what makes me think that I am one of these shells which doesn’t carry a scratch nor a crack? That’s what makes this photo interesting. I have to learn to accept the “cracks and scratches” in others around me, in hope that others may accept me for mine. I recalled the years that I went through in the industry and the numerous teams that I was involved with. There was never a perfect team. But the memorable ones were those where we covered the weaknesses of each other and played up one another’s strengths. Pride overwhelmed me when I recollected the successful campaigns and contracts we won with these teams.

Let’s strive to accept each other. While we are at it, let’s purpose to help one another get better. Shell we? I mean, shall we? 🙂

Still Under Construction

This is the first time here that I have used a photo instead of an illustration. And it feels good to do so because I have been hibernating. It has been many years since I own a decent camera, though I have been shooting on a leisurely basis once in a long while on a borrowed one. I started to feel the itch and woke up during the beginning of this term teaching photography to the year ones in SP. The hundred questions posted by my students was a revelation to me how much I enjoyed answering them; and how much I have missed photography. So it was just a matter of weeks before I became very poor again after I invested in a DSLR. My 3 ex-best friends showed up again – shutter speed, aperture and ISO – and we are starting to hang out and reliving the good old times. I feel the vibes of creativity in the air again.

Unfortunately, this opening photo isn’t shot on my new DSLR. It was captured a couple of years ago at the Marina Barrage when the Sands was still in the building stage. But I feel it reflected my sentiments at this particular time – that I am indeed still under construction. I hate to admit that I am getting older over the years, but I’m not a finished product yet. It’s important that I have to keep the construction going.

Someone once said that “the illiterates in the 21st century aren’t those who can’t read nor write; but those who don’t learn, unlearn and relearn”. I can’t agree more. That means, to keep the construction going, I’ve got to unlearn things obsolete, relearn things forgotten, and learn things anew. I’m not just talking about gaining knowledge and building my career. I’m also talking about working on my character as well as my relationship with others, especially with those whom I love.

I am proceeding with my construction this coming week with a photo exhibition of about 15 of my prints in SP’s main library. It’s a new level in my building. Why don’t you join me in laying another brick in your building. We’re not done yet. 🙂