Month: July 2012


I enjoy slipping away alone when I can (with my wife’s permission, of course). Although I can never go too far away from my commitments, I’ve learned to take walks, contemplate and check on my being. I have many good times being alone in reflection, though there are a fair amount of those times where I don’t like what I see. I guess being honest to myself is an important ingredient to that, and it helps me to want to do something about it. Other than that, I usually take pleasure to do something I delight in with the limited time alone. Maybe that’s why I enjoy basketball and photography – a sport where I can be alone and still enjoy shooting the hoops and an art form which allows me to move around by myself and appreciate the scenes around me (above shot taken at the waterfront today, yet again…).

Being alone should not be mistaken for being lonely. I can think of many benefits of spending time alone but can’t think of one about being lonely. The former gives us the mental frame to make adjustments to our lives. It is that essential space where we find rest to reenergise ourselves and also empowers us to be creative and establishes our foundation as an individual. In our erratically-paced modern lifestyles, being alone has become an important aspect of mental well-being. If you are someone who seeks companionship all the time, may I introduce you to a good friend and a great confidante. You will sure do well if you call on this friend from time to time. Its name is solitude. 🙂


In Search of Adventure

Photo taken last week during photography outing with students, Singapore Botanic Gardens.

It’s good to seek an adventure from time to time. I don’t mean spending big bucks and go for an extended holiday. Author and screenwriter Irving Wallace best described it when he said, “Every man can transform the world from one of monotony and drabness to one of excitement and adventure.” In the past, I often associate adventure with people who had lots of time on their hands. But I’m not talking about an act to curb boredom. What I’m interested in is something that will spice up the routine of my daily existence. Start a blog. Learn a new software. Help somebody. Photography! “Be careful going in search of adventure – it’s ridiculously easy to find,” affirmed the words of William Least Heat-Moon. Caleb in the Old Testament stood at 85 years and exclaimed, ” Give me this mountain!” (Joshua 14:12). What are you waiting for? Live! 🙂