Month: August 2012

Small Wonder

I’m on a quest recently. Macro photography. I couldn’t help it after getting hold of a 100mm macro lens. The world becomes much larger now that I have to be inquisitive about the littlest things. And as I get up close and personal, I marvelled. The Creator has an obsession to details. Meticulous is a gross understatement of His overwhelming design prowess. In the world of macro photography, I felt strange and ironic, cause the subjects I photographed make me aware of myself, how similarly small I am, in this big world. Yet despite my micro scale, I am well aware of my capabilities and potentials. I’m here with a purpose to affect the level that I am placed in. I hope that I’ll be a positive impact.

On the trail of Lower Peirce Reservoir today, I was having a fruitless session photographing bugs until I came across the above hopper. I had to contort my body into position several times to get to the angle to shoot. Other than that, my little friend was ready to pose. It allowed me to get real close and exercise the full potential of my macro lens. I was lost in time with frame after frame until my camera signalled me that my memory card was full. I enjoyed the session thoroughly and promised myself I won’t complain about the body aches I’ll feel tomorrow morning. 🙂