Month: August 2013



So many months without a blog makes my soul dry… The only good thing out of the long absence has been my return to illustration. I’m so glad to be able to establish my digital illustration style. Been wanting to do that for some time and finally got my breakthrough. So, here it is.

It’s good to share a bit about myself from time to time. Today, I’ll reveal about my obsession with shoes. The tale began many years ago when a very kind and dear friend realised I was poor and had to wear my army boots to church. He made an impactful gesture by giving me a pair of expensive new shoes which he had just bought. Since then, I had never feel more comfortable than wearing a pair of appropriate shoes. Things turned up a few more notches when I hit mid-life crisis (told you I’m gonna share a bit about myself)… My logic about investing in shoes was simple: much of my clothes went in and out of my size – okay, since I stopped growing vertically, the growth and taken sideways over the years; but for shoes, I’m stucked with size US10 since puberty I remembered. If the shoes fit, they’ll fit me till I’m old.

Picking up basketball was the factor that got me hitched on Nike. And the Nike Air Force 1 was a natural choice for me because it is a classic (just like me now, sob…) and I was told they are made to last. So the collection built up over the years. Got to have a pair with certain colours to match certain tees or jeans. So here I am now, perhaps the only male alive who have more shoes than his wife… bwahaha…

(Disclaimer: The illustration above exaggerates the amount of Air Force 1s I have. But it’s close… :))