Month: September 2013

Plight of The Human Porcupine


“Arrow” has found its way into our modern office lingo:

“Watch out, an arrow is comin’ your way!”

“You’ve been arrowed to take this Saturday’s duty…”

“Awww man, I just got arrowed… again…”

When a guy gets too many arrows, he is a walking, living human porcupine. There are many walking around. Feel for you, man… oouch!



Go The Distance

Going the distance Grey

Go the distance… oh go the distance…
Is tiring and may take many turns
It’s hard enough doing it for self
So much more, for someone else

But every journey begins with a step
And an effort may fill an unseen gap
Who knows the life touched in that small way
May change a nation one fine day?

Go the distance… oh go the distance…
A cry, a call for investments
It may be to a land across the border
Or someone just right around the corner

Do not despise the price you pay
Nor feel discouraged in any way
Because more often than not
The rewards are greater than you thought.

– Leslie Neo