Month: October 2013

Going Home

Life's a beach, let's surf

Tioman. What a beautiful island. Two hours ferry ride off the east coast of West Malaysia from the state of Pahang. Together with 4 other lecturers, we brought 55 year one students there on a study cum bonding trip early this week. The scenes were breathtaking. Hourglass-quality sea sand, coconut trees taller than arms of extended construction cranes and the calming but thunderous sounds of rampaging waves ingrained my senses long after I left the island. Four days passed quickly, typical of any good times in any good place. But as good as it was, to me, the feeling of going home matched, if not surpassed, all of the above goodness. The familiar warmth of my family and my love for Singapore overwhelmed any sadness I would have in leaving the beautiful island of Tioman. Love. It’s hard to beat that. Even paradise was a mismatch. The above photo was my favourite shot from the trip – a surfer returned after a fun day riding the waves. It was a perfect reflection of my sentiments. Bless. 🙂