Month: July 2014

Supporting Cast

We're Here Lo

This photo was taken at the National Museum of Singapore in June. The composition rule here is called framing – I made use of the big square-shaped entrance as a frame to lead the view into the three standing subjects. The limelight of this image belongs to the three girls despite their small stature. The frame, though considered secondary here, made this happened. “It’s ok,” said the frame, “as long as we get the big picture.”

Wherever we are now – whether we want to admit it or not – is very much due to the supporting casts in our lives. I’m most grateful for them, remembering their sacrifices and love. I get emotional thinking about the casts who had dared to share or even give the limelight to me throughout the course of my life. I’m truly thankful for the frames around me because they define me, make me look good, and help me see the big picture. Prolific writer, G K Chesterton once wrote: “Art consists of limitation. The most beautiful part of every picture is the frame.” There lies the biggest lesson for me. That I must be frames for others as well. To impact as much as to be impacted. To play a part in making other pictures look good. After all, life should not be displayed with only a few pictures, it should be a huge and beautiful gallery. Frame well. 🙂



Trod On

Trod On

It’s July. Halfway through the year. I’ve heard that the halfway mark is considered one of the hardest point to continue for many runners. Especially so after a difficult first half. It’s a psychological thing on a “neither here nor there” land. The road after that always seem like a long flight of stairs upwards. Here’s to anyone, like me, who is in the midst of a journey and the way ahead is a tough climb. Please learn to catch your breath, pace yourself and remember to smell the flowers along the way. Bless. 🙂