Month: April 2015


The Absolute Cool Ride
Every now and then, at a particular corner of a street, life throws you a couple of marshmallows. For all the apprehension and awkwardness of shooting strangers, there exists a rare few who will receive you with opened arms. All it took was some courage, “Dude, you look so cool. May I take a picture of you?” I was rewarded with not one but two cool dudes who were all natural in their poses. Perhaps Street Photography will cast its dry spell on me one day. But not today…


The Moment

Accompanying Mom
A special moment at a sale. This little girl was in a world of her own with her back facing me. I set the manual focus on her and waited for her to turn. She did, but so did her mom’s attention. It was just a split second and a quick snap. I smiled at both of them and went on my way. Street Photography is both nerve wrecking and fun, I simply can’t describe this mix of feelings in words. On to seek the next moment…

The Old Fort

The Old Fort
This granny inspires me. She is still guarding her shop and making herself useful. Retirement perhaps has a different meaning to her. Never over the hill. Note to self: keep shooting, keep learning, keep teaching.

Brave New Worlds

Han Solo
This boy was in a world of his own. I wondered what went through his little mind as he strode across that platform. If I were him, I would imagine being on a big stage, giving the performance of my life. I would, of course, be the lead actor, a hero definitely, on the way somewhere, to save the day. Perhaps to save a princess, or maybe reclaim a kingdom that was rightfully mine. My very own 15 seconds of fame, on the way to school that day. There and then, I made a pact with myself – I will keep my imagination alive, as long as I live.


Days of Slumber Past
It’s been five months since I last blogged. I intend to change that – to take more photos and blog regularly. It’ll be an intentional effort to remind myself that there’s more to life outside this hectic pace. To shoot more, I’ve decided to simplify the approach. I’m going to give up colour photography. From now on, it’ll be just black and white, which I love. I’ll not be distracted by bright colours. Instead, it’ll just be intensity of lighting around me. Hues will be replaced with tones. With this new focus, I was rewarded with this shot. It was very significant. This photo shows a contrast between moving and resting and it’ll serve as a reminder to rest when my pace picks up. Les (me) will be more. 🙂