Month: May 2015

When We Do Get There

The walk home
Doing volunteer shooting at St John’s Home for Elderly Persons yesterday impacted me in several ways. The atmosphere once again confronted me about the reality of growing old and living in the twilight years of life. I witnessed different effects life has on various occupants of the home. My heart ached for those who seem resigned from life but I drew inspiration from the ones who count it a blessing to be alive and be taken care of. I will post up a short series of street-style portraits which I’ve captured. I hope it will encourage us to do our parts for the aged in our midst & also to take care of our own lives. For what we do earlier will affect the state of how we’ll become when we eventually get there.


Geometry In Life

Geometric walk past
I love the presence of geometry in a photo composition. The alluring vibes that come out of lines, shapes and patterns captivate me at different scenes on the streets. But to me, geometry can only play the supporting cast in a photo. At the end of the day, my emphasis still falls upon a life.

Slow But Steady

Two legs three wheels Pleasantly surprised to find an independent trishaw man and his ride. The slow but steady and symbolic three wheels is a contrast to the pace here in modern Singapore. A reminder to slow down and enjoy this journey call life.


Our eyes and ears deceive us sometimes – we may see or hear something wrongly. Our taste buds, on the other hand, report truthfully and we always know if any food taste good or bad. This photo is a tribute to the many cooks whom have convinced my taste buds that it’s great to be here in Singapore.

Midnight Drench

Wet and clean
In Singapore, there are many car wash services that run through the night to cater to nocturnal crowd such as cab drivers. What’s worse than the midnight shift? Answer: Getting wet in the midnight shift. Respect.

Time Machine

Time Machine
The time machine. Transports anyone to any period. Can revisit any childhood encounter or take a glimpse into the future. Haha… This was what playgrounds and imagination meant to me growing up. Now we have games with realistic worlds portrayed on our mobile devices. Nevertheless, I can’t count the endless benefits of making adventures through the mind. May we not loose that which holds no boundaries and truly magical. Imagine.


How Will I Look In That Dress
Caught this girl eyeing the dress. Her appreciation of it is a very human thing. That mysterious characteristic to be captivated by something and even let your breath be taken away. To me, it is a value, an important one, and it is a necessity for creativity. My time walking the street has taught me to appreciate people and the parts they play in life. That in turn affects the way how I live mine. To err is human; but to appreciate, makes us more.

Same Old

Lady of many choices
Our iconic economy rice stall. I simply love the array of dishes offered. I always have that problematic decisive moment standing in front of so many options and at lost of what to order. Yet, the funny thing is, I usually end up going back to that few familiar dishes. I guess I’m a creature of habit. Curry chicken, anyone?