Go Go Tomatoes

Freshness in a bag
Tomatoes. Fresh goodness packed in a bag, ready to go. This citric fruit which is commonly mistaken for a vegetable, has quite a story to tell. Do you know that before the mid 1800s, the nothing but goodness tomato was considered to be poisonous? It got its bad name due to European Aristocrats serving them raw on “precious” pewter plates. The acidic nature of the fruit leached the lead content from the plates which resulted in cases of lead poisoning and death. People were terrified of tomatoes. It was a long process before the connection between pewter and tomato brought the truth and the real goodness of these cheery fruits to light. Don’t let misconception ruin your life. Stay true to yourself. Believe in your worth. Remember the tomato. Have a tomato. Cheers.


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