Month: June 2015

Best Job In The World

imageThis gentleman is a traffic warden directing vehicular flow outside my hotel. When I went about my photographic wandering in the morning at 8am, he was there. That was when he obliged to this shot. Fast forwarding the time to the evening at 7:30pm when my family went out for dinner, he was still there. Long hours. I couldn’t help but appreciated him. For the little time I had the opportunity to observe him, he did his job and was warm. I wondered how he perceived his job? I hope he sees the purpose of what he’s doing, an important part of the location’s eco system. If only I can hear him brag, “Without me, the road along Karon Beach will come to a standstill.” I hope you’ll find purpose and have pride in your job too.


Just Add Water

Making a turn We say time flies. It seems to have picked up much speed as the century progressed. This photo attests to that as this girl reminds me of my daughter. It was like only yesterday since I beheld her at this age. And just like some instant consumer products, I just add water and she has suddenly ballooned and grown overnight, now near the end of her secondary school life. What a difference a day, a week, a month, a year make. I need to be careful or it will soon become a lifetime.

The Tough Get Going

Guardian of the stall
I stood amazed how the locals in Phuket recovered from the tsunami disaster of 2004. I heard first hand accounts of two survivors when I was there and marveled at their strength to rally and regain what the waves had taken away. My brief stay there made me a witness of how high the human spirit can rise, taller and more determined than any raging waves.

Food For Thought

imageCaught this man scratching his head in front of Subway, probably wondering if he should do lunch there. I have to admit we are spoilt for choices when it comes to our meals. The multi-billion-dollar food industry provides delicious options of almost any nationality or culture. I feel very guilty thinking about 795 million people going hungry everyday while here I am here being indecisive or fussy on what to eat. Nonetheless, I can’t save the world. I can only do my little part on being thankful for the food set before me and not to waste. Remember, to burp is a blessing.


Master of the eggs
He prepared our eggs every morning in whatever ways we wanted them – omelette, scrambled, sunny side up, half boiled etc. I love eggs, in most ways they can be cooked and definitely when they are added as part of other food recipes. In other words, eggs stand on their own and also blend well with others. Be like eggs, my friend…

Not Losing It

Girl in the square
As an artist, I’m an advocate for using our imagination. This little girl was in a world of her own. She was making her own adventures while tagging along her parents. I wish for every child to grow up and not stop imagining. Albert Einstein said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.” May we not lose it.


Floral chatters A recent study suggested that women live longer than men. One of the key reasons being women have stronger social network. They meet up and pour out issues of the hearts, which yield good health benefits. Men on the other hand tend to keep problems to themselves, absorbing more stress this way. There is an exception to this which is married men, who showed to live longer than single men. Lesson of the day: socialise, make friends, share your burdens and find a soul mate.

A Little Bit Of A Big Place

Big balloon girl
I love the open square at Jungceylon, Patong. The place was bustling with people of all mixes. The overhead canopy shelter acted like a giant soft box which made the lighting ideal. I had a great time moving around, observing and clicking away. This little girl didn’t seem too satisfied with just a big balloon in her hand. Little heart but not so little appetite. Was reminded about being thankful for the little things in life. They can help us get a little farther. Eventually, all the little bits will add up.


Street texting
Texting on the streets of Patong. No matter which country you’re in, certain behaviours are constant. I betcha if this fellow forgets to bring his wallet for the day, he’ll get by. But if he leaves his smartphone at home, he’ll turn back to pick it up. The smartphone is more important than the wallet now. I know, cause it has happened to me. Guilty.

Artfully Alive

Street portraiture
It was wonderful to come across this portraiture artist. It was a “from one artist to another” moment for me. He is really good at his craft and was an inspiration to me. Art and design make me feel alive. I can’t imagine another profession that I’m in other than design. Similarly, I can’t fathom dedicating my free time to something other than art – it’s Street Photography for me now. I feel that as an artist, the challenge is to constantly get better at your craft. One of my favourite street photographers, Tatsuo Suzuki, said that today he is trying to take a better photo than yesterday. What a motto! I’ll be moving on…