Month: August 2015

Pride In The Ride

Man and his machine
I was on the way back to my car when I saw this man and his wheels. This redefines driving with the top down completely. He was standing in front of the ride when I took up position with my camera. I was thrilled that he moved to the side and struck this pose which I absolutely love. I managed to sneak in a few shots before he changed his position again.


And We Were All Yellow

Wet and smiling
This expression sums up the sentiments at the Yellowren Arts Festival yesterday. I was very honoured to be called upon to judge the canvas art competition. With the given theme “Dreams”, over forty entries from more than twenty schools put forth their best interpretation via paints on canvases. I was overwhelmed with inspiration.

Who’s The Fairest Of Them All?

Pride of the stall
I often wonder if the modern supermarkets, such as our local giant NTUC FairPrice, will eventually wipe out the existence of the traditional wet markets in Singapore. That’s why I find it really interesting that this humble vegetable seller is serving out her products in her competitor’s grocery bag. Conceding defeat? I guess not. My feel is that the local wet markets have their own charms and appeals that supermarkets cannot replace. I encourage you to step into a wet market and experience this unique flavour in our land.

Onions & Opinions

Picking onions
Man picking onions. We don’t regard these little vegetables much when visiting the stall but they carry the notorious reputation of making a grown man cry. The onions had a glorious past, being currency to pay for rent, goods and services during the Middle Ages. Respect.

Text Me

Reporting home
The universal gesture of modernity – texting. Regardless of age. Do you know that the average mobile phone user nowadays text more than making a call? We’ve come a long way since the first text message was sent to a mobile phone in 1992, UK. Staying in touch has never been more convenient. Text me.

Shaded Charm

Man and brolly
I’ve taken quite a few photos of people and their brollies. To me, umbrellas are photogenic. Each one has interesting geometric lines and it’s opened circular shape compliments the human subject beautifully. Perhaps one day I’d have a photo series exclusively on people and their brollies. Exciting.