Month: September 2015

Old Haunt

Old haunts

This used to be my playground
This used to be my childhood dream
This used to be the place I ran to
Whenever I was in need of a friend


Digital Natives

Teching young

It’s a digital native generation. While I remembered many hours of my growing up years spent on table soccer and various board games, it’s a common sight nowadays to see toddlers having digital tablets as their interim nannies. Let’s face it parents, our children will grow up knowing more apps and having more “likes” in social media than us. It’s just like our days when we know more television programmes than our parents. I feel that this is not necessarily a bad thing. They will know more about our world during their time than we had known in ours. Let’s harness this well and enable them to maximise their potentials for their time.

I Got My Eyes On You


Some photos worked simply because of eye contact. It’s a tricky thing especially in street photography, when you shoot discreetly, and hope your subjects aren’t aware of your intention. Therefore it’s extra special to me when that someone looks at you and connects. I was initially attracted to the row of puppets when I ventured backstage to this show. But I was reminded in my head that the emphasis in my photography is about people. While I focused and composed through my viewfinder, I was hoping hard that one of these two ladies would turn her head. The big sunglasses was such a bonus.

Drum Rolls

Drum rolls

The burning of joss paper is part of the religious tradition of the Chinese culture. To ensure safety, these barrels are provided by our town councils for such burning activity to be conducted in. This woman was ready to do so with her joss paper in hand. The main reason I took this photo, however, isn’t really from our Chinese cultural point of view. I’m coming more from the memory of an 80’s icon. Anyone remember the arcade game Donkey Kong?

It’s Always Sunny In Singapore

Beer and the lunch crowd

I’ve observed that some people, particularly non locals, love to be out there in the sun. While most of the local lunch crowd would huddle under the shade, there’re those, like this gentleman, who’d prefer the solar experience. Street photography is my reason to be fearless out here in the sun but what about him? I’m guessing it’s the beer.