Month: October 2015

In The Name Of The Feather

Ostrich farmer

Ostrich farmer telling us interesting facts about these flightless birds. Do you know that ostrich meat is the healthiest red meat there is? Low in cholesterol and fat but high in protein and iron. There was a certain pride this farmer exuded as he related the wonders of these birds. ‪#‎lovemyjob‬


Buying Convenience

Cool staff

I would say that one of the main attractions alongside the pools and beach in the Desaru Lotus Resort is the convenience store. No kidding. It was like I stepped into a new world each time I entered. Munchies, drinks, ice cream, beach wears, souvenirs, you name it, each wearing a distinct price tag. It’s a no-brainer that every resort must have one as guests spend more on vacation. I believe the scanner at the cashier was installed to keep pace with the sales. Busy man at work. Ka-ching!

Count My Blessings

Tent vendor

This youth is manning a stall near the beach selling souvenirs and little knick knacks. My immediate thought was why wasn’t he in school? He probably is, but was either helping his parents run the stall or part-timing to earn some pocket money. I remembered my time when I was his age, selling drinks in a construction site’s canteen with my mom. Those were grinding but shaping years for me. Looking back, I’m thankful for the time then and now. Continue to count your blessings, Leslie…

Keep It Rolling

Watching the mechanic

Much happening in an auto shop next door to a facility we visited. The distinctive smell of rubber tyres was in the air as I observed the cordial interaction between waiting customers and mechanics. Though this is a humble setup in a rural district, the sight of experienced hands working on the complexities of wheels revealed how far we’ve progressed in the history of transportation. Keep them rolling, guys.

Cool Bearer

Ice cream man

The mobile ice cream vendor, someone you’d be very happy to see on a hot day if you have spare change in your pocket. He’s a bearer of cool relief on two wheels, and you’ll find yourself in a sudden fix whether to have your ice cream on a stick, a cone or sandwiched between two pieces of wafers. Tough decision on such a short notice.

Mangrove Manager

Swarm treader

The mangrove swamp is a fascinating world with an incredible eco-system. I witnessed norm-defying trees there with intricate roots system growing above ground level because the soil in the swamp doesn’t contain much oxygen. It’s an alien world to city dwellers like me but to this guy, it’s his office.

Now You See Me

Posing by the stairs

It wasn’t easy catching this boy who remained in any particular spot hardly longer than a few moments. I knew that he wouldn’t stay more than the time I would manually focus his face so I pre focused elsewhere with the same distance away as him. As I had expected when I eventually turned to point my camera at him, he started to shy away by breaking the eye contact and turning to move. I triggered my shutter button a few times and from the series, I thought this shot was the most natural pose in his process.