Month: November 2015

Pose Office

This photo wasn’t taken in Thailand and neither was this man expressing “sawadikap” to me. I happened to snap him right after he yawned. You’d never know what priceless expression you can capture on the street. 


Red & Yellow, Black & White

This is still my favourite street photography venue – our own Chinatown. Though the name speaks Chinese, it’s really a melting pot, due to the very famous Sri Mariamman Temple at the entrance of Pagoda Street. Love my Singapore.

Perfect Imperfections 

There’s something about this little girl’s pose and expression that made me like this photo. Perhaps it’s that natural vibe she portrayed. But truth be told, I didn’t get this shot right. It isn’t all sharp. It could be my focusing or camera shake. Yet, the genre of Street Photography is rather forgiving when it comes to technicalities. Though life is imperfect, we live and let live, and hope to define its essence in our own ways.

Juicing Creativity

The fruit seller makes it conducive for customers by cutting up his fruits and serving them in a ready to eat state, neatly displayed and wrapped on foam plates. I don’t know if he sells more fruits this way but I applaud him for being creative.

My Time

Catching up on the news. Catching up on yourself. This man and I have our different ways to the latter – he reads the newspapers while I walk the streets. Important thing is, slow down, catch your breath and recharge. Set aside that time and space for yourself. It’s becoming a luxury nowadays in this rat race world, but it’s necessary. You’re worth it.

The Hours We Keep

I feel that the point of interest in this photo is the way the vendor appeared to be checking out the clock. It’s a play of perspective and we know that she wasn’t really looking at the time. My respect goes to wet market vendors like her because the hours they keep are very different from us office hours people. Many of them punched in during the wee hours of the morning and won’t stop till after lunch. To me, they upkeep a strong tradition which modern folks like us tend to take for granted.