Month: December 2015

Sour Cure

What to do when life hands you lemons? You sell pomegranates.


Beat Street

Street vending is a way of life to many Thais. A great number of these vendors fight poverty and supplement their income this way. I learned that many of them hold day jobs and continued their livelihood in the evening by vending in night markets on the streets. These are amazing people who form a social, economic and cultural force that shape the urban landscape of Bangkok. 

In The Midst

There’s a strong mix of the old and the new in Bangkok. Stepping outside a modern mall brought me to a completely different world. I enjoyed my time wondering the streets, mingling with people in road side stalls, in vintage shop houses, on bicycles, on motorcycles, walking and stopping. It was a typical day in the lives of these locals and I was glad to be a small part of it.