Month: January 2016

By My Side

This is definitely not a poster face for a romance nor a love story but yet, to me, a heartening message of how two people kept their commitment to make a life together. The true mark of love is hearing each say, “After all these years, you’re still by my side.”


Stay Curious

My brief interaction with this curious little girl. She reminded me that I must stay curious, continue to learn. I know that curiosity kills the cat. But if I quit learning, I’m dead already.

Slowing Down

Snapped this elderly gentleman and went off envying how he could leisurely spent his time on that public bench. Then I realised I’ve got to really slow down in life. Unfortunately, demands of my job put me on the express lane. The only way to find leisure is to prioritise and make time. Now you know why I take frequent walks with my Leica.

Slurping Good

Noodles. They’re different names across different countries. Ramen, la mien, spaghetti and whatever is long and springy. In the west, you guys eat them with fork and spoon, all mannerly. In the east, we get them with chopsticks, completing each mouthful with slurping. It’s gotta sound as good as it tastes. Noodles for lunch?

Thirst Quencher

If your mealtime happened in a coffee shop (eating place) in Singapore, chances are you’ll experience a runner, such as this gentleman, who’ll take your order for drinks. Coffee shop runners are as iconic as the food stalls that made up the place. You’ll appreciate them much especially when you’re eating alone and the tray full of your favourite food doesn’t have enough space to handle your matching drink. A wave when you’re seated will serve them up dutifully for your order. Coke, please.

The Load We Carry

All of us carry loads. Some heavier than others. Uncomfortable and burdensome are they but needful. That’s why it’s important we be wise and carrying the right load. They will build us and get us stronger for life’s challenges. Loading and unloading in process.