Month: February 2016

If Only

The look of hope over a few pieces of lottery tickets. 



Ambush is s good technique to use in Street Photography. From a distance to the right I spotted this cyclist heading this way. Figuring the building’s entrance to be a good frame, I did a quick focus there and waited. Clicked. 

Look Up

I’m part of a generation where a considerable amount of time is spent looking at a screen. I embrace it, this thing called the digital age. I’ve learned so much about life and our world this way. But ever so often, when I do take my face off the screen, the lessons I observed in real life proved so much more valuable. Remember to look up – I’m here, I’m present and I’m involved in the people and things important to me.

I Come In Peace

I was totally mesmerised by this character. I didn’t know what intrigued me more, the mysterious all-concealing headgear or the sci-fi-like whatever he was holding. I heard myself saying I need to take a photo just in case he shoots me with that weapon and whatever is flesh on me disintegrated into powder. My camera will then hold proof that I’ve encountered someone other-worldly. Disappointingly, nothing happened as I passed. Not even a “take me to your leader”. Obviously he came in peace.