I Come In Peace

I was totally mesmerised by this character. I didn’t know what intrigued me more, the mysterious all-concealing headgear or the sci-fi-like whatever he was holding. I heard myself saying I need to take a photo just in case he shoots me with that weapon and whatever is flesh on me disintegrated into powder. My camera will then hold proof that I’ve encountered someone other-worldly. Disappointingly, nothing happened as I passed. Not even a “take me to your leader”. Obviously he came in peace. 


4 thoughts on “I Come In Peace

  1. LOL! XD Or else he can read minds and knew what you were thinking and was wondering if it was worth the risk of being found out – after all, his was a solo journey and he still had to report back to his leader & fellow annihilators XD XD HIm (or her?) being in B&W makes him/her even more sci-fi like.

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