Month: March 2016

Hello From The Other Side

Let me not lament this gift I’ve spent that’s called Youth. Rather, let me embrace this work of art with grace that’s called Age.



It was hard catching up with these guys. They were all over the place, never staying put in one spot long enough for anyone to interfere, let alone a stranger to take a photo of them. Then they decided to sit a while, which allowed me to walk over and do what I needed to. There’s much to learn about life through waiting, anticipating and seizing the moments. There will be misses, but I hope those seized will count. 

What’s In A Name?

There are different reasons why we may be drawn to a photo. It may be the subject matter, in this case, a man looking away to evoke a sense of curiosity, or the contrast of his white shirt to his skin colour and the background. It may be the location and the harmony of supporting details. It may as well be the lighting condition at that given time. So what’s my take when I took this picture? It’s the name “Leslie”. Now say my name.

Venus Shines

They say it’s a man’s world but the ladies can handle some stuff we can’t. For one, we can’t wear dresses but they can put on pants. 


Newspaper vendor having a slow day at work. I can identify with her. Let’s face it, no matter how amazing our jobs can be, we do hit this point. Feeling bored with work can be as dreadful as getting retrenched. I tackle this by simply hanging in there and finding new ways to do things. Reinventing is a spice of life.

Gritty In Green

Portrait of a street vendor in Little India. This little lady ran a long stretch of vegetable stall in one of the alleys. Her expression showed toughness. She must be, considering the amount of vegetables she had to handle day in and out. Respect.