Month: April 2016

Navigating The Lines

Vertical lines in a composition convey strength and stability. Think about buildings and trees and you’ll know what I mean. In this photo, I was attracted to the contrast of the abundant vertical lines and the subtle curves on the floor. This woman, in my opinion, connects the two planes perfectly, because she possesses both elements of the vertical and the curve.


Beyond The Watch

I felt that this watchman was communicating with me telepathically. The message: “Don’t just watch, observe.”

Look Here

What’s over there is unique as much as what’s over here. We often think it’s better over there and miss what here has to offer. 

Be Right Back

Two down the stairsWow, I’ve taken a long break. I’ve decided to catch a breather and test the notion that absence makes the heart fonder – Street Photography, how I missed thee! I hate to use the busy excuse but I couldn’t run away from that fact. Still, I’ve used the minutes when I could relax but unable to do photography to pick up on my Vector Illustration again (that, though, is another story. You can view the vectors here). The place I set loose my trigger-happy finger again is our new National Gallery. What a place to spend the day! Appreciation, inspiration and aspiration are all there. The exhibited works made me feel small and inadequate. I didn’t shoot my usual lot. Still, the few that passed my bar will be posted over the next few days.