Month: May 2016

Silver Generation

Be with meOur silver generation. The term is more than the symbolic colour of the hair but the reference that silver is a precious metal, indicating wealth. To me, the ability to experience life is the true benchmark of wealth.



One thing I really love about Street Photography is that allowance to slow down and do that thing – what is it call again? Oh yes, stroll. 

City In A Garden

Singapore began her quest to be a Garden City as early as 1963. Since then, we have been very intentional to include greenery as part of our landscape. Look how far we’ve come! This is a scene of a typical heartland’s street, in Hougang, where trees and plants are common features. It’s no wonder we’ve progressed from the status of a Garden City to a City in a Garden. Proud to be here. 

Carpe Diem

My mom’s passing brought me back to the neighbourhood she used to roam. I’m very thankful to the company in this community that kept her active all these years until the point she fell sick. My still saddened mood was cheered up by this little bundle of joy. I noted the significance that while a life has expired, new ones, like this little gorgeous, have just begun. I asked her dad if it was alright to take a photo. After permission was granted, princess responded to my camera with her idea of a smile. It was the cutest thing! The cycle of life embodies everyone. I’m reminded to seize the moments that’ll make up mine. Carpe diem.

And Then I Begin

I’ve always talked about the journey. Sadly, the road ends today for the woman who started mine. Goodbye Mom, there’ll always be that hollow in my heart from now on. I’m just very thankful to God that I was given the chance to bid you farewell. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be what I can be. You may have lived your life inconspicuously, but you have taught me to impact the lives of the people around me. For that, I’ll always be grateful. Missing you already.


Getting ready for his day. Don’t you agree that humans are such great packers? We invented luggages and wheelers such as this one to help us carry more. Still, the number one rule is: the more you pack, the more will you unpack. I’m always reminded that life is a journey, pack light. 

Pro Mono

It has been over a year since I dropped colour for monochrome. Can’t say I regret it but I do find myself looking over my shoulders several times. Peers expressed surprise every time I explained that my camera doesn’t take colour photos. It’s intentional and I take pride in that. The joy of monochrome is in the light. No hues, just brightness and contrast. This simplifies my visual perception, and helps me focus better on people, my emphasis. The journey has been great so far. Many more lessons to learn. Don’t think I’ll be going back to colour anytime soon. 

Seeing Double

Twins are mysterious and thus fascinating. I fare badly at guessing who’s who in regard to the few twins I know in life. This level of difficulty intensifies when parents give them similar names. It doesn’t help when twins have similar tastes in clothing and especially hair styles. Nonetheless, each is distinctly an individual and bears the ability to achieve each’s destiny in life. Here’s to seeing double.