Month: June 2016

The Wait Is Over

27585188296_3f17d94c58_oYou have no idea how long I waited for someone to pop his or her face through this window. I was rewarded with these ladies, the main one with cap and in white, providing that contrast against the background. Hello from the other side.


The Big Picture

St Paul’s Hill overlooking Malacca Town. It’s good to take a view from the heights once in a while. It allows me to see the big picture. It was an ideal spot to reflect: I can impact the big picture but I can’t be bigger than the big picture. 

Cross Fire

Palawan CrossingOutside Dataran Pahlawan. I like firing my shutter at crossings. The movement and the sometimes unexpected results are part of what I enjoy much about Street Photography. I enjoyed the natural ambience of people near and far, each doing their own thing. Capturing the scene. Capturing life.

Soft Spot

Beggar1A begger in Dutch Square, Malacca. There seems to be at least one in every land I visited. Whether we should give to a beggar is a subject much debated on. I would usually do it for the simple motivation to keep my heart soft.

Love And Travel

I’m drawn to this photo I’ve taken. I see the man, soaked in the ambience of this place. Many would say that he’s a tourist. But I feel he’s more a traveller. The tourist sees what he has come to see whereas the traveller simply sees what he sees. Then I look at the lady, who had eyes on the man. She was here probably because of him. To me, that’s a beautiful thing. I know, because I’m in love too. 

Happiness On A Plate

We are the only species in this world who cook our food. And we simply can’t count how many different ways we can do it. While eating is a survival instinct, cooking is pure art. It involves all our senses and enriches our lives. Happiness often comes on a plate.

Modern Traditional

There’s a touch of the modern in traditional Jonker Walk. I was taken in by the interesting perspective lines in this shop – the diagonals of the shelves stretched to a point where the dotted lights above took over and led us all the way to the back. The presence of this Sales Attendance clinched the deal. No I didn’t buy anything but I was sure happy with the shot. 

The Bond

Potato moment dad_sonI know that Street Photography is my crave, more so when I’m travelling. However, this photo of a father bonding with his son over a twister potato stick reminded me that relationship with my family is more important. The main reason I was in Malacca was to spend time with my family.

More Than A Light Hearted Feeling

Balloons in Jonker WalkToday’s post has to involve these happy and celebratory light air holders commonly known as balloons. Firstly, I feel that they reflect the ever festive atmosphere of Jonker Walk perfectly. Secondly, I’m celebrating because Lebron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers won the NBA championship today. I know it’s very random but I’m a big fan of the greatest basketball player in this era. Against all odds, Lebron led his team and they clawed back from a 3-1 games deficit to clinch the title. Only NBA fans will know how impossible that was – winning three games in a row within a final series, playing away and beating a team that has the highest number of wins in NBA history. Congratulations Lebron, the Cavaliers and the people of Cleveland!