Month: July 2016


Rest in Jonker WalkSit with me, you needn’t say any word. No words can replace that feeling of you by my side. It’s better than a call or even a delivered gift. We can do it at home, or even at an outing – like taking a rest in a crowded place. You’re here, and my heart is at ease.


Go Ahead, Make Yourself Comfortable

Witnessed a bunch of children playing catch outside this shop. This boy just got tagged. Decided to make himself comfortable before his next pursuit. He could care less what onlookers think about him. I need to find this similar space again and the ability to laugh at myself. Now who wants to play tag?

For The Keep

The old school photography rule is that if you shoot in the shade, you need to overexpose to bring out the details there. There’s a trade off to that in unshaded areas being washed out. Modern technology such as High-dynamic-range (HDR) solves this problem but I much prefer the old school feel. It speaks to me about cause and effect and to choose wisely what to keep and what to lose. I chose this man over the tiles on the road of Malacca’s Dutch Square. A face is worth a thousand tiles. And more. 

They Come In Fours

Horses are the only animal I know that wear shoes. Horseshoes, as they’re commonly known, come in different styles and fits, much like my collection of Nike sneakers. I simply love the sound they make when a horse moves, especially on paved grounds. 

The Big One

A yawn may be taken for being rude especially when we’re conversing with people. But don’t you hold back if you worked hard for the day and your body reacts naturally to fatigue. Go ahead, have a big one. You deserve it.

Behind You

I know I take pains to look good. The mirror is indispensable. But I realised that almost all the time, I’m only taking care of half my estate. Why? Because it’s impossible to see fully the appearance of my back on my own. I figure the best way is for someone to take a photo of me from behind. I believe I’m designed this way to know that I can’t live alone, I need people who care about me to watch my back. 


Some call me a robber and others a wrecker. Despite who I really am, I’m actually very focused – in drawing your attention. I’m distraction. 

Standing Tall

At the end of the day, when all are stripped away, what will still be standing? It’s an important question I’ve to answer myself. The walls of St Paul’s Church teach me that if my foundation is strong, I’d still have something to offer. 

Purpose Driven

Just give me six strings

And a half stack

And you can, can keep the cars

Leave me the garage

And all I, yes all I need are keys and guitars

And guess what, in thirty seconds I’m leaving to Mars

Yeah we leaping across these undefeatable odds

It’s like this man, you can’t put a price on the life