Published My First iBook

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Places, Faces is my first published iBook on the Apple iBook Store (USA). To me, it’s never about the place but very much about the faces. The interactive iBook captured the amazing people en route to and in Desaru, West Malaysia. Shot in classic black and white Street Photography style, it contains mainly environmental portraits of people in their natural surroundings. Available for free. Do let me know what you think?


2 thoughts on “Published My First iBook

  1. Thank you Leslie…I downloaded your book and while doing a quick review I found myself wondering if you often find that you have an ability to connect with children in a positive way.

    1. Hi Brenda, thank you for visiting. Yes I do feel that I have a connection with children since when I was a teenager. Guess that inner boy in me never did grow up… haha. Some of my fondest memories were with my daughter growing up and I was her playmate most of time. She’s seventeen now and many of these photos I’ve taken remind me very much of her growing years and mine.

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