Month: September 2016



I have a confession. I went to the zoo and I didn’t take photos of animals but people. I often wonder what do the zoo animals think about us as we pass by their enclosures. Do they see us in different races as we see see them in different breeds? In the eyes of the orang utan, is this an Asian boy? I really wonder.



Coming together is beginning;

keeping together is progress;

working together is success. 

– Henry Ford

Irony Of Parenthood

When my daughter was little, the toll of looking after her had me wishing she’d grow up fast and faster. She is our only child and I was her only playmate at home. I hung in there over countless playtime, bearing the weight of afterwork tiredness, hoping to give her some decent childhood memories. She’s a youth now, and I should be glad (I am), but whenever I took a photo like this, I found myself hoping I could go back and enjoy her at that stage again. Such, is the irony of parenthood. It may be painful but enjoy it while it lasts. I guarantee you’ll miss it. 

Face Value

Facial expression is visually the most noticeable thing about us. Nicknames such as “Guy Smiley” or “Frown Face” are directly derived from how we wear our faces regularly. In the context of Street Photography, capturing an appropriate expression that defines the moment is priceless. 


Henry Ford defined quality as doing it right when no one is looking. Your company or organisation depends on this from you whatever level you are at. 

Real Life Drama

The 35mm Summicron ASPH I’m using has a reputation of capturing stunning images but is shockingly bad at handling flare. I’ve experienced a good number of photos gone wrong when shooting against the sun. This instance was an exception to me as the flare was narrowed like a spotlight effect by the roofs of these buildings. The light fell nicely onto the two bikers. They appeared like they were the chosen ones. If the world is a stage, this is drama in real life. 

Time Sensitive

The goods sold at the thieves market are very varied. Most stalls have a widespread inventory but there are also vendors who specialise. This gentleman’s business core lies in watches. I was highly amused by the range he displayed. Mostly classics, these watches consist of brands and designs I’ve never seen before. Then again, my comment is weak as I’m not an enthusiast of timepieces, unlike him. He’s serious, just look at his expression.

What You Bring

Sungei Road Thieves Market is a flea market that deals only with used and discarded goods. The term “one man’s junk is another’s treasure” is most appropriate here. Most of the vendors here belong to our silver generation. Retiring isn’t a word in their vocabulary. Though their ad hoc stalls are humble and their merchandise used, I saw vigour in many of their eyes. I’m reminded to be proud of what I do. Certainly my job doesn’t define me but what I bring to my job does.