Month: November 2016

The Unbearable Likeness Of Beings


In the Chinese culture, there’s a term that describes couples who look alike, and the happier the couple, the stronger the likeness. According to University of Michigan’s Psychologist, Dr Robert Zajonc, couples who are in close contact with each other for long periods of time tend to look alike because they mimic each other’s facial expressions. So, should someone comment that you and your spouse look alike, remember it’s a compliment.


The Weather Today

I’ve a love-hate relationship with brollies. A brolly is one of those things which I feel is a hassle to carry around but comes in really handy when needed. It’s an all-rounder, providing shade rain or shine. What’s amazing about it lies in the fact its design is pretty consistent over time, ranging back as far as Ancient Greece. Until there’s a mainstream camera built into a brolly, I will stick to freeing my hands to hold an actual camera instead. I’ll take my chances with the weather. 

Tasty Time Travel

Remember the food critic in Ratatouille, Anton Ego? The reaction he had after he tasted the Ratatouille dish? The first bite transported him back in time to that warm familiar taste he experienced as a child. The same thing can be said about what this comfort food known as roti prata does to me each time I bite into one. We go back a long way, these pieces of other-worldly fried flatbread and I. There’re many growing up memories packed with eating roti prata. So cook it, Mr Prata Man, take me back to what I fondly missed.

Portrait Of A Rainy Day

I’m keen to try new things. I don’t mean smoking. If there’s a weather that street photographers frown upon, it’ll be rain. I’ve seen beautiful photos taken when the sky is wet and I was keen to try but never did. The opportunity presented whilst in Malacca but I disappointed myself, half the time more concerned about getting my camera wet. Resigned to stay sheltered, this gentleman walked into my scene. Honestly, I was more attracted to the smoke from his cigarette. I shot a few frame but was most happy with this one when he turned while the cigarette smoke was dancing. No sun? No problem. 

Bibik Be

The Peranakan culture is one that stands out in Malacca’s heritage. Known locally as Baba or Nyonya according to gender, they embrace an unique fusion of traditions between early Chinese migrants and local Malays. An icon of authority in this culture popularised by TV dramas around the region would be the matron figure known as the Bibik, who runs each Peranakan household like a headmistress. Characterised by a strict persona and her traditional Sarong Kebaya outfit, the Bibik is the one who leaves the deepest impression on me regarding this beautiful culture. Here, the tour guide of the Malacca Peranakan Museum in her symbolic attire broke a smile after completing her tour of bringing us around. She was otherwise stone cold in her expression during the tour. Whom did she remind me of? A Bibik for sure. 

Fix You

Fixing is an essential job. It extends the lifespan of things, living and non-living. The job involves getting our hands dirty and plentiful hassle. That’s why many would chose to replace things rather than getting them fixed. We need to be careful because there’re values lost when we do that and not everything can be replaced. I believe there’re things which get better after a few fixes. In life, nobody can always be new. That’s why we need to assume the role to fix and be open to being fixed. Thinking to discard? Try fix.


There were a couple of times I entertained the idea of owning a shop someday. More often than not I’d dismissed it because it’s not a walk in the park. There are scary details to address, like rent, hires and financing that do a good job blowing away any wishful thought bubbles above my head. That may be why I like to take photos of shop owners. If there are workers in a shop, I’d usually observe and attempt to pick out the owner before setting my sight to photograph. This gentleman exuded a sense of pride standing in front of his shop. He deserves such an air and have my respect.

Joy Ride

Ever wonder why there’s such a term “joy ride”? It has to do with this delightful transport on two wheels. Getting on one and going about is really the closest thing to joy one can experience. Do remember your way home. 

The Case About Peanuts

Behold the peanut seller. Contrary to the popular idiom that describes peanuts cost next to nothing, these luscious ones do come with a price tag, albeit a very reasonable one. This vendor surely doesn’t work for peanuts though he’s selling them. Am I confusing you?