Bonus Smile


There was a time when I was terrified to take photos of strangers on the streets. I shocked myself by falling in love with both Street Photography and the strangers. Each life I captured has an amazing story that begs to unfold. I shoot quietly and discreetly most of the time, but there were times when a connection was made and a conversation ensued, and I plucked enough courage to ask to take a photo. Such was with this wonderful and kind gentleman. He saw me fidgeting with my camera and called out to me. I was cautious at first before realising his friendliness. We tried to converse but was met by a great language barrier – I couldn’t speak Malay. I gestured for permission to take his photo which he obliged. The smile was a great bonus. For all the times that I got shouted at on the streets for taking a photo, this encounter encouraged me that it’s worth it all.


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