Month: December 2016

So Strollable In Malacca


This is my second digital photo book published under the Places\Faces series. Hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I did putting it together. It’s in interactive ePub format and can be viewed on smartphones, tablets or computers. Please download it here:


Speed Of Light


The shopping alleys at Chatuchak Market may be tight, but to this little boy, they were landscapes in an alternate dimension for a superhero to manoeuvre. There was an unseen nemesis he seemed to be battling. I guessed his power was super speed, judging by how he was zipping from one shop across to another. It was a good thing I had travelled to the future to obtain this camera capable of capturing superhero speedster. How else could I photograph him zooming at the speed of light?


As I awaited my wife and daughter bargaining in the shop behind me, I observed this woman running her open kitchen, whipping up dish after dish off her menu. She was one with her space, in command, in control and at ease. We Chinese have a saying: 行行出状元, meaning you can achieve greatness at whatever job you do. This chef depicted that perfectly. 

To Gift Wrap A Snake

There are things on sale in Chatuchak Weekend Market that challenged my imagination. As an indication, I could buy a python snake if I wanted to. This guy looked like he couldn’t believe what he just saw. Any tip on how to gift wrap a snake?

Broad & Deep?

There’re stalls that sell many things and there’s this one that sells only jeans. Diversification versus specialisation. In this new economy, it’s a tough call. Can I keep my soul and yet maintain an open mind? Such as is the debate between going deep and learning new skills. To me, its possible to have both. 

The Brightening Effect

This little fella won the most photogenic award for the day. He has mastered the art of communication even with pacifier in mouth – by flashing his cute smile. I learned that everyone looks instantaneously better simply by smiling. It doesn’t stop there, smiling brightens the day for others too. Don’t believe me? Look at this photo again. 

Packaging Beauty

An ice cream themed tuk tuk. Now this isn’t something I see often in Bangkok. Beauty is packaged on three wheels, with colorful popsicles and these two in aprons. 

Vintage Vault

This scene is a page from the retro diary. The air around many of these unique shops in Rot Fai Srinakarin Night Market spells vintage. Both customers in this photo resembled my grandparents’ first date at a coffee shop somewhere in town. Or did this feel more like it came from the reel of a pre-war movie?