Month: January 2017


Cross over from your comfort zone. Life begins at the other side. 


Sea Of Sparkles

I used to think that Street Photography is about looking for a sparkle in a sea of mundane. Now I’m convinced that it’s a sparkling sea and observation and timing are keys to unravel them. There, a sparkle.

Pride Of The Pack

No matter what job you do, you’re part of the branding of that business. You’re a sum of the total picture, and you’re not insignificant. You’ve the power to turn away a customer or make one return. Will you be the pride of the pack?

Laugh With Me

Looking at caricatures teaches me not to take myself too seriously. It’s a demanding world we’re living in. From time to time, when I don’t live up to certain expectations and feel lousy about myself, I’ve learned to accept that I’m imperfect and continue in this lifelong journey of learning. The caricature which is my Facebook profile picture reminds me to laugh with myself. 

King Me

Life is a checker board. Some play chess while others, checkers. It’s the same board but different rules. We’ll experience winning and losing, but what’s important is how we learn to get better at it. 

Signs & Wonders

All the signs point to this being a very unique shop. Literally, this gentleman sells all sorts of signs here. My family and I read quite a few signs correctly and ended up buying them. The experience was most fascinating and we spent quite a bit of time here before signing off with this friendly shop owner. I was still so intrigued that I decide to include the word “sign” in every sentence of this entry. Sign-yonara.