Month: February 2017

Let’s Talk About It

It’s alright to have a conversation with a mannequin as long as you speak from your heart. I always value a good heart to heart talk. On a personal level, it has the effect of making me feel lighter, as I communicate that which weighs down my heart – a release. Feeling heavy? Let’s talk about it. 


For The Kicks

“Nailed it Mom. Love the colour and the size fits. Pay up and let me walk in ’em.” It’s never easy finding that perfect pair of kicks. Those who know me know I can identify with that.

Book Cover

To this vendor, a hat is more important than a shirt. Even if he has a shirt, he will wear it but only around his neck. Unconventional. Not mainstream. I’d even go as far as artistic. But what’s he really like? I’d never really know unless I get to know him. Until then, whatever impression I’ve of him is only skin deep. Read the book. The cover simply can’t tell the full story.

Hard Nut To Crack

There’s much to learn from the coconuts. We can’t make up our minds whether they’re fruits, nuts or seeds but they came a long way, from the seas. Their resilience to withstand natural adversities is much to learn from. In many ways, they personify our survival instincts and humbly contribute to the human race. I go nuts over the coconuts.

Spoilt For Choice


Recognise this? Many choices but limited spending power? Life often deals us this cruel scenario – to make a choice and live with it. It’s somewhat ironic but this actually helps us grow. It hones our ability to make better choices as we move on. To me, creativity is built on having limited resources and how we make the most out of them.


(Took this photo some months ago. I’m captivated by this couple at Chatuchak. I’d like to use the photo as a tribute to my wife) I wanna grow old with you. We’re getting there and I won’t look back. No regrets. Many things we’re not, especially not how the world paints it. But that one thing I’m sure we are, which keeps me going. Soulmates. As long as I have you. 

Trishaw Pact

The trishaw has a special place in my heart. I remembered riding it last with my wife and then four-year-old daughter. It must be more memorable for the rider because he couldn’t make an upslope due to our weight and I got down to help pushed the trishaw from behind. Like the three wheels, I’m reminded we needed each other to move forward.

The Flip Side


The humble flip-flops are all about being casual and letting your hair down. I believe everyone has at least a pair. They remind me to get out of my shoes and slow down. Mostly affordable, flip-flop sales exceeded that of athletic shoes in 2006. Take that, Nike!

Going Bananas

Bananas have the great misfortune of a great reputation being destroyed by the English idiom. “Going bananas” misrepresents their wholesome goodness totally. Seriously, for health sake, everyone should go bananas.

Missing Baby


Customers are like babies to any retailer. They’re unruly, demand attention past expected timing, mess things up and cry for their rights hence think they’re always right. Yet, they determine the purpose of each retailer.