Month: March 2017

Stop Digging

“When you spend your life living in a hole, the only way you can go is up” – Louis Sachar.


Being Sharp

Experience is hacking that coconut upon the palm of your hand. No amount of YouTube videos can bring you here. 

Best Things Come In Twos

I’m a borderline sneaker head. The immediate symptom revolves around me always matching my clothes to my shoes. When friends asked how many pairs of shoes I own, I’d say “more than my wife’s”. That many. What’s with this obsession? Simple answer is, my shoes never betray me. My pants, they betrayed me when I put on or lose weight. My shirts, likewise. My spectacles, they betrayed me when the rubber material imprinted my temples with itchy allergy. My socks, they betrayed me when they go solo on me after each trip out of the washing machine. My shoes? They are constant. Nike, of course. 

Tell Tale Sign

I missed my Leica. It’s been long waiting to get her sensor replaced. As a result, I slacked on Street Photography and I haven’t been out since my baby was sent in. I realised the tool is important but it shouldn’t determine the trade. My art shouldn’t only be defined by my Leica. Frankly, it wasn’t easy for me. I’m trying to prove to myself that capturing the moment shouldn’t be handicapped. This shot was captured with my iPhone. I was drawn to the intense fixation this cool hooded boy had on the displayed iPod. The story telling continues.