Month: April 2017

Howdy Stranger

When I photograph a stranger, I’d often ponder: are we very much different, or are we very much alike? What say you?


Valuable Antiques

They say you can chance upon valuable antiques at the Sungei Road Thieves Market. Let’s not forget that the most valuable antiques we have are dear old friends. Here’s a shot of two friends who chanced upon each other at the Thieves Market. 

Worth Waiting For

The expression these girls wore while their parents tried to get a seat in the restaurant is priceless. Fret not, girls, it sucks to wait but if you get used to it, you’ll find out that certain things in life are worth waiting for. Start young. 

Shot on iPhone. 


I do fantasise about owning a shop that I can sell anything I feel like selling. Of course the merchandise will have to be stuff I’d like to own myself. There’ll be seats for anyone who wishes to chat some time away. The presence of my shop will be felt both physically and online. I’ll have publications and blogs of the many encounters and stories that will happen to the people here. Eventually, it won’t be a shop but a place that’ll provide much contents to this thing called life. 

Pass The Mantle

The energy of this boy was relentless. He was captured at a point where he easily overtook the adult pedestrians, as if in a race. After his imaginary winner’s medal, he would run back to his starting point and repeat his feat on other adult pedestrians. This is significant to me because I’ve to accept that one day, that’s what will happen, I’ll be overtaken by those who come after me. However, it’s a fact I don’t fret upon. In fact, I welcome it, to pass on whatever mantle I’m deemed worthy to be holding on to now. It’s not a surrender, that’s why I’m working hard now, to raise the mark so that when that time comes, the same will be expected of the successors. That, I believe, is how we progress.