Month: May 2017

Space Invaders

We’re bombarded by advertisements every direction we look. They’ve intruded every available space and we’ve become a label known as target audience. How many do we come across in a day? Do we read them? More importantly to the advertisers, do we remember them? Truth is, nobody reads an advertisement. We read only what’s interesting. 


Back At It

So looking forward to kick my leg up and catch that coming break. Don’t you agree that the hardest part about taking a break is that dreaded apprehension that one needs to return eventually? 

Stretching It

Some people stretch better than others. Embarrassingly, sometimes I get cramps when I overdo it. Generally, it’s a good thing but I like what Jeremy Bentham said – stretching for the stars is good, but we shouldn’t forget about the flowers at our feet. 

Sci-fi, Anyone?

I’m intrigued with the laundromat. To me, it’s a very western concept, having seen it earlier only in movies. Now it’s here in our midst. The laundromat reflects our human nature, our evolving need to be and stay clean. The circular windows of the installed washers with rotating contents are really fascinating, like we’re in some sci-fi odyssey. These folks here didn’t think the same way. They were looking for a quick quest, awaiting to take out what they had put in. Perhaps I could interest them in the theory of a stargate? Maybe not. 

Near Before Far

Going places in Singapore is a breeze because of this – our effective train system. I do dream of travels to exotic places in the world with my family but until then, I don’t see why I can’t reach the corners of this land in one of these. I’ll aim for the streets of Bedok before the salt flat of Bolivia. 

Journey Before Destination

I can’t pretend to know fully what goes into the preparation of an eatery such as this one before it opens for the day. I appreciate the countless big and little processes that get the necessary pieces together so that the business can run. I’m reminded that each job is dependent on the process. It’s the journey that determines the destination. 

We Are How We Eat

The amount of dishes offered here had me pondering how many ways can one actually cook a dish. Fry, steam, boil, poach, broil, grill and the many others which I ran out of knowledge of. We say we are what we eat but the truth is, we are how we eat. Medium rare, please. 

Happy Meal

This vendor was taking a bite of his snack as he was going about his chores. There’s a Chinese proverb which talks about being engrossed in work and forgetting to eat. I believe we who are in Singapore can identify with this. To me, it may not be a bad thing, as we strive for excellence in our works. Yet, we deserve that good meal from time to time. Set that time apart, be intentional and involve a few who matter. I guarantee you the meal will taste better.