Month: June 2017

The Lead

“Faith never knows where it is being led, but it loves and knows the One who is leading.” – Oswald Chambers. 


Travel Companions

I like railway stations. I can see people on the opposite deck and do my brief observation before a train will bring them soon the other way. Railways speak to me about journeys I take. These two boys reminded me that my journey is about staying connected and it’s important who I’m travelling with. 

I Got You

The Sunday crowd at Harajuku is very much like Tokyo’s trains during peak hour. It was good to know that when you are caught in the hustle and bustle of life, there’s someone you know and who knows you in the crowd. Who you got? Rather, who got you?


This mysterious bearded man in Akihabara, I heard, has become part of the landmark there. He was pacing to and fro the crossing and stood posed when he spotted me lifting my camera to take this photo. He remained so even after I moved on, albeit just for a while. I found out from social media that he’s there everyday but will be hard to find during festivals amidst the crowds. He resembled a mystery figure you’d find in a RPG, one who’d give you important information on how to progress or who’d give you an essential item in gameplay. Somehow, I suspect he knows that. 

Delicious In Any Language

I ate ramen with a vengeance whilst in Tokyo. This little shop near east entrance of Shinjuku station offers a delightful mix of that and delicious tempura-based items for the pick. I love mingling with locals while we ate and standing while slurping noodles was an experience for me. This gentleman just got off a mouthful of udon and his expression mirrored mine – OishÄ«!

Change Of Shift

Transparent and white shaded umbrellas are common sight in Tokyo during rainy days. When the sun shines, opaque shades take over. I absolutely love how lighting adorns unique characteristics under these different shades. So will you excuse me for posting so many brolly pics?

Fifty Shades Of Versatility 

Can’t believe the humble umbrella is 4,000 years old. What’s more amazing to me is its construct remains largely the same over the course of time. The brolly is one of the most unassuming inventions to me. It knows it’s time and space. It loves the rainy day but is prepared to work sunny too. Versatile. I’ve got much to learn. 


The truth about brolly is, it can’t totally keep us dry from the rain but it can make us stand in the rain. Think about it. 


Don’t you agree brollies are like little backdrops for carriers? I’m suspecting this is why I love photographing people with brollies.