Month: July 2017


There’re two wheels embedded in the middle of the the word “Cool”. That was what I thought of this rider and his mini bike. Absolutely. 


Going & Coming

I go because I can come back. Without going, I can’t see the place I come from with new light and added appreciation. I don’t hesitate returning to where I start, it’s better than never leaving. I grow in mind and identity when I go and come. 

Rest Is Up To Me

When the pace slowed down and I had the opportunity to stop and smell some flowers, I realised I was in Nakameguro. I didn’t smell any flowers literally, but my appreciation of the place heightened. If only I had a longer stint there…

Now Catch This

Claw crane or more commonly known as UFO catcher machines are rampant in Akihabara. I’ve never seen so many in one location. Skill and chance are what players depend on when they insert their tokens. Their hope is to catch one of these alluring prizes displayed. I’m a terrible player, will probably catch nothing even if I throw lots of money at it. My catch here though, was this chic youth posing naturally between two rows of machine. There were those who left this shop happy, with their prized catches. I left merry with this photo in my cam. 

Keep The Lights On

This youth reflects the night lit by bright lights in Shinjuku, that it’s still young. It was close to 10pm and there was no slowing down the human traffic on a typical Friday evening. Note to self: the night may be here, keep the lights on, keep young. 

Pace In Place

The pace in Tokyo changed once I stepped into Nakameguro. The Megoru River that sets the key feature of this place has that lulling effect. Here, a shopper took his time exploring the contents of this shop. He couldn’t help it. It’s the place. 

Travelling In A Pack

Two wheels three passengers. Travelling in a pack charts new heights. Behold the remarkable bicycle! It doesn’t even have an engine. An obvious choice among many going about Shinjuku.