Month: January 2018

Fresh & Refresh

What can be more refreshing than an ice-cold, tasty, potassium-filled and natural thirst-quenching coconut on a hot day? Answer: Two ice-cold, tasty, potassium-filled and natural thirst-quenching coconuts on a hot day.


That Chewy Pride

If you love kuehs (local term for cakes) then you must have heard of Ji Xiang Confectionery. Tucked away at a corner of Outram along Everton Road, true tradition breeds these indescribably tasty handmade Ang Ku Kuehs. As I experienced first hand, salivating is a big hindrance to street photography, much more to hygiene necessary to selling food. I struggled before giving in to ordering four peanut and two coconut kuehs. With my first bite, it’s hard to describe that unique soft outer texture which is totally unlike other machine-produced kuehs I’ve ever eaten. When I hit the inner contents of the peanut paste, I was rendered mute for that few chewy minutes. I strongly urge you not to take my words for it. Go try.

All Eggs In One Basket

The humble economy in Air Hitam, Penang enables little shops such as this one to sell specific products. It was a breath of fresh air for me to experience shops not cluttered with diverse inventories. Life is simpler in a sense, and it appeals to me. Here, it’s ok to put all your eggs into one basket, literally.

Two Versus Two

Bicycle is a big draw for getting around Armenian Street in Georgetown, Penang. But I opted for a more traditional transport – walking. For a street photographer, two legs are better two wheels.

Treasure Hunt

A flea market in one of the back lanes of Petaling Street, KL, revealed a sea with promises of hidden gems. You couldn’t ask this vendor if there’s a treasure in his stock because he’ll say yes. Neither the sun for he’ll say he only lights them up and you’ll have to see for yourself.