Thought Bubbles

A personal moment in thoughts. There’re no thought bubbles in real life, we need to share what’s in our heads.


2 thoughts on “Thought Bubbles

  1. I think one of the things that makes a good street photographer is their ability to tell a story in just one moment. As the viewer, I don’t know exactly whats going on in this pic, but I see that the man is sitting in what looks like a kitchen. Where it must be hot because I see two fans. And he wears a long sleeve white shirt with a name tag. So I assume he works there as a server? Manager? The entire picture draws you into it’s world and begs you to answer the question of whats happening.

    Wonderful pic.

    1. Hi dude, thank you for your comment. I can’t agree more with you. It’s all in the story. To me, the amazing thing about storytelling isn’t just the narrative but how it can connect with people at different levels and triggering different emotions.

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