Month: March 2018

Fast Forward In Hong Kong

The atmosphere in this wine restaurant contrasted greatly with the pace outside in Sheung Wan. This gentleman leisurely sipped his wine while watching the world passed by in fast motion.


But Can You Stop?

Wheels are nothing without brakes. Food for thought.

Expensive Friends

Midlevel Sheung Wan is considered to be one of the most dog-friendly areas in Hong Kong. I was delighted to make acquaintances with several breeds out doing what we had in common – walking. However, living in this place comes at a price, as portrayed by the apartments and cafes that spell upper-class. It’s unfortunate that you’ve to pay dearly for man’s best friendship here.

Slowly But Surely

This elderly woman won my heart in the challenging terrain of Sheung Wan. She climbed the flight of stairs with vigour, stopping four times to rest before continuing, slowly but surely. I was at the bottom rooting for her, feeling emotional and filled with admiration. She seemed very much a local, and I realised this moving up and down the slopes of this place she called home may be a daily chore for her. This photo showed she conquered the stairs, and life. No matter how hard, she keeps moving.

Feeling High

The hills are alive in Sheung Wan. The only way to explore the place is up. Everything is built on ascending grounds that leads uphill to Victoria Peak. Walking the streets here involves lots of climbing concrete slopes and never ending fleets of stairways. My constant panting was a mixture of doing that and from how excited I was to be here.

The Way You Are

The streets of Hong Kong are very much characterised by rows and rows of buildings bearing old and new advertising or brand signages. Each building wears distinct textures of undulating units of windows and pop-out air con compressors. They’re a visual spectacle and I simply love the way they look.

Business As Usual

The scene at Sai Yeung Choi Street, Mong Kok is the same in the day as in the night. I couldn’t believe it was close to 11pm. Insomnia has a cure in Hong Kong.