Month: May 2018

Imagine Nation

These boys were performing an Indiana Jones and it was thrilling to watch. The world they were in couldn’t be seen with the naked eye. I was reminded that I hold citizenship to that world too; and to dream is to visit there often.


The Journey Is The Reward

One camera, one lens, four years of shooting, six countries and six months and 196 pages of production later, Vendorama is printed. The book captures my fascination with street vendors and my love of environmental portraits a-la the Street Photography genre. Despite its birth, the journey is really the reward. Hope to share some joy.

The Day The Earth Stood Still

This is the basement of Tampines 1 Mall where I waited for the rain to cease during my last photo walk. I did a test shot here and like the way how the handrails reflected the skylight. Then it was waiting for the right subject to either head up or down the stairs. My hope was to capture an isolated figure in the middle but I had absolutely no control over that. A long wait paid off with his lady coming down the right and it was a bonus when she crossed over to the left midway. It was like time stood still and nobody else was allowed to enter the frame! Such is the thrill of Street Photography.

You Only Live Once

Singapore’s Tampines Bus Interchange is a good ground for running into buskers. Among them was Yoji, a Japanese travelling the world with his guitar. He doesn’t sing, but had a series of catchy fusion music as performance. I bought his demo CD, something small to show my support for a fellow artist. Here’s cheering Yoji and his world tour.

Live & Let Ride

What’re some of your experiences learning to ride a bicycle? I’ve fallen plentiful times – into a muddy canal, in front of a moving truck and even heading high speed uncontrollably down a slope I thought I was going to crash and die. Yet, the moments on a moving bicycle make me aware that I’m not merely alive but I live.

Look Up

There was much for me to look up whilst in Hong Kong – the electrifying neon lights at night and the captivating textures of building facades just to name two. Wherever I am, it’s good to look up. I invite you to join me.