Month: June 2018

Wet & Kicking

One of the utilised alleys in Reclamation Road Day Market where unreached sunlight doesn’t discourage any buying and selling from taking place. Despite onslaught of modern supermarkets, wet markets are holding their grounds. I’m loving it.



Being here. Let’s realise the gravity of that.

Driving Downhill

The Hong Kong taxi driver has taken quite a bit of rap for his services over the years. Among his infamous traits are his daredevil ability to drive and meddle with his phone at same time (at high speed) and his rocking kung-fu of accelerating and braking over short distances. Still, Hong Kong taxi commute is considered one of the most fare-reasonable in the world. Let’s give and take?

Order & Mess

The beauty of a wet market is the individuality each stall brings and the coming together with other stalls to form this unique blend of order and mess. It’s beautiful.

Think Print, Drink?

The Chinese words indicated this is a print shop but it’s content points more to selling beverages. Wonders of diversification or lost its identity – what’s your take?

No Sugar-coat

This fishmonger expertly gutted one fish after another as if he was a one-man production line. As can be seen in the surrounding, there was nothing clean about the process. He accepted it as part of his job. I believe there’s a “dirty” side to whatever jobs we hold. It’s part and parcel of the pay slip we received every month. To embrace it is to be holistic.

Somebody’s Got To Do It

To a street cleaner, the term “it’s a dirty job but somebody’s got to do it” is nothing figurative. This woman holds one of the most under-appreciated jobs of our days, among others such as garbage collector and toilet cleaner. Yet, what they do are essential to the well-being of the cities we live in. Please show them some love.