Month: July 2018

Retail Therapy

When the going gets tough, the tough goes shopping.


Let’s Talk Art

The street is my paintbrush. Light is my colour palette. The camera is my canvas. Let there be Art.

Poultry In Motion

A live poultry vendor in Mong Kok, Hong Kong. Slaughtering and selling are part of his job. He has my respect because not everyone can do what he does and… I love to eat poultry.

Sipping Tea With Irony

A space to study and chill at the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf outlet at myVillage, Serangoon Garden. I sipped tea with irony that day as a big part of my growing up years was spent in this estate – I’m amazed how much it has changed yet remained the same.

Place & Purpose

Serangoon Garden Market is not necessarily big but strategically and cozily tugged with a food centre in a prominent corner of the estate. There’s something serene about this place.