Author: LeSLiE

Rarer Than Rare

Colour isn’t the only thing I’ve given up on my street photography quest. I’ve also shoot almost entirely in horizontal format. It’s rarer than rare I found myself rotating my camera vertically. I guess it’s easier than switching back to colour. Not yet.



The power of pause. Try it.

Vital Life Lesson

Walking about doing Street Photography helped me picked up many life lessons from the streets; such as, when I start seeing double, it’s time to stop and take a break.

The Pride In Our Midst

It was an honour to run into our very own world-acclaimed water colour artist, Mr Ong Kim Seng over the last weekend. I made it known to him that I’m a fan of his breathtaking paintings and proudly spoke to curious onlooking tourists who he is – Singapore’s pride in the Art scene. Mr Ong mentioned in an interview before that he’ll never retire from painting. What an inspiration! Lead the way, sir, I’m following.