Author: LeSLiE

Place & Purpose

Serangoon Garden Market is not necessarily big but strategically and cozily tugged with a food centre in a prominent corner of the estate. There’s something serene about this place.


Are We Not There Yet?

I don’t ride much but I find much associating it to Street Photography – it’s not so much the end point but immersing in the journey.

A Post In History

The Serangoon Garden Post Office was opened in May 1959 by M. P. D. Nair, then Minister of Communications and Works. To put this in perspective, Singapore gained our independence in 1965. There’s a bit of history in this photo.

A Great Hangout

The bird singing corner – euphonious tweets above; delightful conversations below; and aromatic coffee in the middle. Life is good.

Natural Tunes

Not all tunes are digital. I walked into a bird singing corner in Serangoon North yesterday and discovered a world of natural tunes in cages, owned by men who take much pride in them. Locally, these men are owned as “bird uncles”. A good weekend morning begins with congregating at this corner with like-minded uncles, hanging up their cages and hearing their birds sing while they engaged in good chats over cups of coffee.

Steamy Scene

Lo Mai Gai (steamed glutinous rice with chicken) just before their entry into the steamer. Up close and personal with authenticity.