Category: Art

Silent Ride Wholly Ride

Electric scooters are rampant on the streets of Hangzhou. Throughout my 10-day stint there, I came across only one petroleum-based motorcycle. The noise induced by typical motorcycle exhausts was pleasantly missing. In the university campus where I visited, riding an electric scooter doesn’t require a license nor wearing a helmet. My greatest regret was not having an opportunity to ride one when I was there.


Bring It On!

The often harsh demeanour of the streets makes a stage right exit whenever one of these extra cute faces makes an appearance. Dressed for the occasion, even if was just a casual walk down Shao Xing Road, Shanghai, this little guy exuded the attitude of “Bring it on!”

To Master A Craft

A silversmith doing what he does best. To me who shoot on the street, there’s always something captivating about a craftsman focused on the job. They say it takes 10,000 hours of practice before one masters a craft. Both he and I are working on that. 

Starting Point

I saw myself in this boy. His fascination with the toy was priceless to me. That was my starting point and foundation in a life of creativity. Whenever I felt I’ve reached saturation, this is the point I return to. May I never lose that wonder at the simplest things and having fun. There lies the magic to create.