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Smell Of Dreams

If a book is a dream we hold in our hands, then a bookstore is a place to buy dreams. I was glad to chanced upon this little corner store. I marvelled at the many book covers that promised the discoveries you’d find and the adventures to embark upon. I may not understand Japanese, but it was good to hold up a book, flip its pages and enjoy the scent of fresh pages. Dreams do smell good. 


A Is For Appreciation

I’ll be smiling too if I’m next in line to a McDonald’s ChocoCone. Even the whale on her tee feels happy for her. I hope not to take life’s little joys for granted. Appreciate what we have, now. 

Love And Travel

I’m drawn to this photo I’ve taken. I see the man, soaked in the ambience of this place. Many would say that he’s a tourist. But I feel he’s more a traveller. The tourist sees what he has come to see whereas the traveller simply sees what he sees. Then I look at the lady, who had eyes on the man. She was here probably because of him. To me, that’s a beautiful thing. I know, because I’m in love too. 

The Ride

Motor queens

Today’s blog is somewhat a continuation from my last. My Pastor often reiterates, that it’s about the journey more than the destination. If life is indeed a journey, let’s purpose in our hearts to enjoy the ride.

(The above photo is part of my recent Bintan trip compilation. You can download my Bintan photo e-zine in PDF format here. Hope you’ll enjoy the read)

Imaginary Lines

Hey Mr Bartender

This was one of those very rare photo moments I had – where subjects were aligned ideally. A street photographer’s dream scenario. Red ashtrays and a bartender wearing a red shirt… what more could I ask for? But what’s more interesting, I feel, is how an imaginary line is created by the ashtrays which leads up to Mr Bartender. It is a perceived line caused by placement of red subjects. Our eyes detect the pattern and our brain processed that margin. Psychology. There are many such imaginary lines around us. I don’t know how they get there but I do know that they have to first go through our minds. Be careful how we perceive them. There are lines that separate and there are those that bind. We decide. Here’s to a better world. Bless. 🙂



There. It is an important place where friends count on each other to show up. It consists of many terrains of highs and lows; and everything in between. We forged and discovered real friendships in such places. Thanks for being there for me. 🙂