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Near Before Far

Going places in Singapore is a breeze because of this – our effective train system. I do dream of travels to exotic places in the world with my family but until then, I don’t see why I can’t reach the corners of this land in one of these. I’ll aim for the streets of Bedok before the salt flat of Bolivia. 

Creative Hairline

This man wears an unique persona. Please don’t take it as I’m making a joke out of it. I take away a lesson from him – if you can’t grow hair on your head, do so where you can. His beard is an awesome display of creativity. 



The first pairs of Levi’s jeans were sold in 1880. If you happened to possess an original pair, you can sell it today for a hefty USD50,000. I don’t, unfortunately, though I own quite a few pairs made in the 21st Century. I love jeans. Their comfort and ease of use do that thing for me. If it be socially permissible, I’d be wearing them for any and every occasion. This photo reflects this sentiment of mine, being submerged in the jeans culture.

Speed Of Light


The shopping alleys at Chatuchak Market may be tight, but to this little boy, they were landscapes in an alternate dimension for a superhero to manoeuvre. There was an unseen nemesis he seemed to be battling. I guessed his power was super speed, judging by how he was zipping from one shop across to another. It was a good thing I had travelled to the future to obtain this camera capable of capturing superhero speedster. How else could I photograph him zooming at the speed of light?

Wish Upon A Tree

Make a wish, write it upon a scarlet ribbon, tie both ends to pebbles, toss it high up unto this tree and hope it catches your wish. I witnessed the mesmerising scarlet threads dancing in the breeze on this wishing tree. The hanging threads revealed to me that to wish is a good thing. My belief is that if I act upon my wish, it’s more likely to come true.

Published My First iBook

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Places, Faces is my first published iBook on the Apple iBook Store (USA). To me, it’s never about the place but very much about the faces. The¬†interactive iBook captured the amazing people en route to and in Desaru, West Malaysia. Shot in classic black and white Street Photography style, it contains mainly environmental portraits of people in their natural surroundings. Available for free. Do let me know what you think?

Beat Street

Street vending is a way of life to many Thais. A great number of these vendors fight poverty and supplement their income this way. I learned that many of them hold day jobs and continued their livelihood in the evening by vending in night markets on the streets. These are amazing people who form a social, economic and cultural force that shape the urban landscape of Bangkok. 

In The Midst

There’s a strong mix of the old and the new in Bangkok. Stepping outside a modern mall brought me to a completely different world. I enjoyed my time wondering the streets, mingling with people in road side stalls, in vintage shop houses, on bicycles, on motorcycles, walking and stopping. It was a typical day in the lives of these locals and I was glad to be a small part of it. 

Old But New

The old world charm of Bras Basah Complex. This place holds a special place in my heart. I came here often when I was a design student. Now I direct many of my students here for material purchases and design related services. It becomes more personal now as I bring my daughter here to hunt for graphic books. It won’t be our last trip.