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Juicing Creativity

The fruit seller makes it conducive for customers by cutting up his fruits and serving them in a ready to eat state, neatly displayed and wrapped on foam plates. I don’t know if he sells more fruits this way but I applaud him for being creative.


The Hours We Keep

I feel that the point of interest in this photo is the way the vendor appeared to be checking out the clock. It’s a play of perspective and we know that she wasn’t really looking at the time. My respect goes to wet market vendors like her because the hours they keep are very different from us office hours people. Many of them punched in during the wee hours of the morning and won’t stop till after lunch. To me, they upkeep a strong tradition which modern folks like us tend to take for granted.

Shell We?

I assembled the above seashells in a photo shoot to re-visit a technique I’ve lost touch with for a long time – light painting with a torchlight. You see, I’ve to teach that as one of the topics in year 1 photography in SP. I was pleased with the outcome.

During post-processing, I observed that some of these shells bore very obvious blemishes on them such as scratches and cracks. I would normally use Photoshop to retouch them. But I hesitated in this instance because a thought came to my mind.

The assembly of these shells reminded me of the community that we belong to. These communities are the different environment and people we associate with – our workplace, our school, our peer group or even our family to name some. There is a sensitive part to this in that whatever community we are in, there will always be certain people we prefer to be with over others; and there will be people whom we wish to disassociate. The latter group is what the scratches and cracks on those shells symbolise. We see their blemishes. However, the awful truth is, we may wear these blemishes ourselves, if either we dare to admit it or if we get to see ourselves through the eyes of someone else. In other words, what makes me think that I am one of these shells which doesn’t carry a scratch nor a crack? That’s what makes this photo interesting. I have to learn to accept the “cracks and scratches” in others around me, in hope that others may accept me for mine. I recalled the years that I went through in the industry and the numerous teams that I was involved with. There was never a perfect team. But the memorable ones were those where we covered the weaknesses of each other and played up one another’s strengths. Pride overwhelmed me when I recollected the successful campaigns and contracts we won with these teams.

Let’s strive to accept each other. While we are at it, let’s purpose to help one another get better. Shell we? I mean, shall we? 🙂