Floating Mini-mart

The kelong we visited in Kukup has a little retail store selling munchies and knick knacks. The concept of a floating mini-mart fascinated me much. Here, the vendor recommended me some features of the house. I put the bag she was holding to some good use that day.


The Future Starts Young

The boat that took us to visit a kelong in Kukup was run by a group of three boys. The oldest steered the boat while the other two assisted in docking it. Strangely, we didn’t worry about their abilities to helm the boat despite their youth. I admired this local culture which dare to let their young start early in life.

To The Simpler Life

I haven’t been to Kukup, Malaysia, since once upon a time ago. I was awakened in this evenly-paced fishing village by its pleasant smell of the sea and what I thought was salted fish. The sumptuous sea food which I enjoyed was paired with the delight of observing how the locals interacted with the sea. Here’s to the simpler life.

Perfect Imperfections

We’re in a digital age but I romanticise prints. I absolutely love them. There’re indescribable delights in the feel of printed textures, in admiring how ink touched base with the medium and in observing any perfect imperfections in each print. Raise your hand if you feel likewise.

A Place Called Ponder

I keep receiving invitations to this place called Ponder. It’s not a place, really, so it’s rather accessible. It’s conducive too, fitting into gaps between my schedules. There, I befriended a character named Possibility and we always discussed about the past and how to engage the future. My friend begins all his conversations with the words “What if…”. Over the years, I find myself visiting often. Believe me, Narnia is fictional but this place is real. Do let me know if you’ve been to Ponder.