Gimme Gimme Gimme

Coveting starts young. 


To Master A Craft

A silversmith doing what he does best. To me who shoot on the street, there’s always something captivating about a craftsman focused on the job. They say it takes 10,000 hours of practice before one masters a craft. Both he and I are working on that. 

Starting Point

I saw myself in this boy. His fascination with the toy was priceless to me. That was my starting point and foundation in a life of creativity. Whenever I felt I’ve reached saturation, this is the point I return to. May I never lose that wonder at the simplest things and having fun. There lies the magic to create. 

Live To Shoot

Eastern cowboy
Portrait of a street vendor in He Fang Jie Street, Hangzhou. This cowboy gentleman is a costume photographer. I’m inspired by him making a mark on the street. To me, he’s making a life more than a living.

People In The Shade

Shade in Hangzhou
There’s a saying, “Heaven above, Hangzhou below”. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to see Hangzhou’s many breathtaking scenes under the sun. But I did encounter many people under her shades. I concur with the saying. Paradise should be defined by the people, not the place.

Secret Of The Masters

In Hangzhou, it’s disrespectful to address the one who commands the wheels of a coach as “driver”. The level of skill needed to navigate a vehicle of this magnitude through many narrow lanes gives such a man the right to be called a “shifu”. His secret lies in resting. No exception even for a master. 

What’s Your Craft?

Portrait of a snack-maker in He Fang Jie Street. Wherever there’s making, there’s craft. I believe the purpose behind each craft lies in the fact that the making is for people, to enhance their lives. This makes me very proud of what I do. What’s your craft?

An Officer & A Gentleman

A security officer at the Shanghai Disneyland live performance theatre. There’s an air of authority around this gentleman, endorsed by the uniform he was in. I was reminded that with or without uniform, we’re all part of a bigger framework. Do I carry that image well?