Childhood Dream

This kind gentleman obliged when I requested to take a photo of him. He didn’t know I resisted the urge to ask if I could have a go at operating the tracker.


Ice Bond

It’s easy to bond over ice cream, whether you’re buying or selling.

Founding Pose

This gentleman posed as if he had founded this place. If you’ve been to Singapore, there’s a statue nearby here in Empress Place which bears an uncanny resemblance.

Above The Storm

The impending storm didn’t deter this cleaner to continue washing the floor. The rain would wet the floor but could never clean it the way he could with his jet spray. He’s above the storm.

Times Of Your Life

Good morning, yesterday

You wake up and time has slipped away

And suddenly it’s hard to find

The memories you left behind

Remember, do you remember

The times of your life

What We Missed

Touches of the yesteryears are all over this photo and the rider looks like he’s heading back to the past. I want to go with him. It’s good to revisit where we came from occasionally.